Pattern: Criss-Cross Stitch

For the next few weeks I will post the patterns for various knit samples on my blog. On Instagram all my posts can be found with the hashtag #knitsamplesunday.

Criss-Cross Stitch

The second pattern on #knitsamplesunday is the Criss-Cross Stitch. Note that I haven't found an official naming for this stitch that's why I'm calling it the Criss-Cross Stitch. It is an easy stitch, however it's a bit tedious because of the repeating cross stitches. I'm planning to knit a hat / beanie using this stitch.

I casted on 32 stitches for my sample, you can cast on less or more, just make sure that the number of stitches can be divided by four.

Criss-Cross Stitch Sample

Criss-Cross Stitch Sample

  • Material: You can use any kind of wool to knit the sample, I suggest to use a non-fuzzy but elastic wool such as merino wool. For my sample I used 100% pure merino wool (extra fine) and 3mm needles.
  • How To: Knit sample according to pattern. Constantly repeat rows 3-6