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DIY: Scented Sachets

I love placing scented sachets in my wardrobe and drawers. They freshen up the space and just smell so lovely. When self-made, they are also a perfect gift. 


It's very easy and fast to sew scented sachets. You can create many different variations in terms of size, fabric and filling. I always take some leftover cotton or linen fabric for my sachets. I prefer to use a colourful fabric for the top and a neutral (white, grey, beige) colour for the bottom. For the filling I like to use dried lavender or dried rose leaves. This is personal taste, but to me these scents are the most refreshing and I don't get tired of them.

I usually sew several (10-20) scented sachets at once and keep them on the side to have them ready as gifts. 

Find below the step-by-step instructions for how to create scented sachets yourself. Have fun!

  • Difficulty: very easy
  • Material: Fabric, matching thread, filling (i.e. dried lavender or rose leaves)

Step by Step: Sewing Scented Sachets

Note: The instructions are for one sachet only, I highly recommend to sew more than one :)

1. Cut out two pieces of fabric measuring 10cm x 10cm

2. Put the pieces together, right side facing

3. Sew along the sides of the square. Make sure to leave an opening of approximately 3cm on one side

4. Cut back the seam allowance and the edges

5. Flip the sachet through the opening. I use a knitting needle to push out the corners
6. Iron the sachet
7. Sew along the sides of the square again, leaving the opening the same

8. Use a funnel to fill the sachet with filling


9. Sew up the opening


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