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Baby Knits

Baby Knits

A couple of years ago I have started with something that has in the meantime become a tradition. I knitted a jacket for a baby. Since then, as soon as I hear that someone is pregnant, I run to the next wool store and start knitting something for the little one. I usually buy a matching outfit and bring everything as a gift to the parents of the newborn.


I love knitting for babies. The wool is extremely soft and easy to knit. The pieces are so adorable and small! Most of all, the parents’ joy of receiving something self-made with love for their little one makes me happy. I usually knit small jackets or sweaters for the babies - I will write posts of the individual projects and details about patterns separately.

I usually knit for 3-6 months old. Knitting a newborn size is very cute, but babies grow so fast and I like them to wear my piece for a bit longer than only a couple of weeks. Depending on the due date I decide on the size and type of project. If a baby is due in March, I don’t knit a thick wool sweater for a 3-6 month old baby. As it is summer, I rather go with something light, maybe a yarn jacket or vest.

I always use “baby wool” or extra soft merino to make sure the wool is soft and doesn’t itch. You might think that knitting for babies is cheap because of the small size of the piece, but due to the high-quality wool I find it rather expensive. I usually pay around CHF 40.00-60.00 just for the wool. 

It often surprises me how long it takes to finish a piece even though it’s so small. Usually the needle size is very small, so it just takes more time to make progress. I have knitted several pieces with hoods and was surprised to find that the hood itself is quite big and uses a lot of wool (and time).

Last but not least, I usually start to knit when I don’t know the gender of the baby yet. Hence I try to choose neutral colours for my knitting project. Depending no the gender I then buy a girly or boyish outfit with it.


I will soon post details on the different baby knit projects I have already completed.

Lady in <s>Red</s> Blue

Lady in Red Blue

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