Pillowcase with hidden Zipper - Step by Step

I love to make home decor myself. Among others I sew lots of pillowcases. I like to change the colour of the pillowcases depending on the season. In summer I like to have bright colourful pillowcases while in winter I prefer them in light, grey colours. As I change (and wash) them once in a while, I sew in a (hidden) zipper. Would you like to sew pillowcases as well? Find below step by step instructions on how to do so. Have fun!!

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Material: Fabric (I prefer cotton or upholstery fabric), zipper, matching thread, iron and sewing machine


Step by Step to a new Pillowcase

  1. Measure the size of your pillow (e.g. 45cm x 45cm)
  2. Add 3cm to each side and multiply one side by two (e.g. 48cm x 96cm)
  3. Cut out a piece of fabric as calculated in step 2
  4. Fold the fabric in half (right sides facing) and iron it 
  5. Measure 3cm from the top and fold it (IMG 1)
  6. Sew the zipper onto the folded part, make sure the slider faces downwards (IMG 2)
  7. Sew the second half of the zipper onto the other end
  8. Close each side, make sure the slider is inside the seam (IMG 3)
  9. Turn the case and iron it