Fancy West

Recently I was looking for a new knitting project. Something for me to wear in winter; a sweater or vest to spend warmth during the cold winter days. Also, it shouldn't take too long to knit. In the end I decided to order the knitting kit "Fancy West" from WeAreKnitters (WAK): A simple vest with a cable pattern, knitted with 100% Peruvian wool yarn and 15mm knitting needles. Respectively, the vest is very chunky (thick) and keeps you warm for sure.

I ordered the knitting kit with wool in black without the knitting needles. I already have 15mm needles at home and don't need to order them every time. I was wondering if the kit includes an extra needle for the cable, but this was not the case. Hence, if you would like to knit the "Fancy West" you need to have an extra needle at home. This can be a special cable knit needle of a normal knitting needle to put the stitches on the side while knitting the cable.

It took me one afternoon to knit the vest. Thanks to the thick wool and the 15mm needles it doesn't take long at all. In the end I sewed in the "proudly knitted by myself" embroidered WAK label. 

I really like the final result of this knitting project. The vest is very comfortable to wear and keeps me very warm. The cable adds the special touch and I have received many compliments while wearing it. However, I have a couple meters of wool left. Therefore, if I would knit it again, I would add a some extra rows to make it a bit longer. 

  • Difficulty: medium because of the cable pattern. 
  • Material: 100% Peruvian wool yarn, 15mm knitting needles, a cable knit needle, sewing needle, WAK label (all included in the WeAreKnitters Knitting Kit)


Use circular needles instead of the WeAreKnitters needles. Read more in Tipps & Tricks.