Welcome to my blog! I love sewing and knitting and will share my projects, experiences, tipps & tricks and recommendations with you on my blog. From time to time I'll also post a pattern for download. With time there might be more topics or even a small online shop here.

Facts about me:

  1. I love knitting, sewing and crafting and spend most of my free time with these hobbies
  2. I like my job, but if I would need to choose a career path again I would choose to be a dressmaker
  3. and then study fashion design
  4. or learn to be a carpenter
  5. or even better do what I'm doing now and have 2 other jobs in parallel #needmoretime 
  6. I turned 30 last year but still feel like 25
  7. I love traveling but when away I always miss my sewing machine and knitting needles 
  8. English is not my native language but I prefer it to blogging in German #weird Maybe I need to start blogging in Swiss German
  9. I spend 3 hours per day in public transport
  10. This is very annoying but I use the time to knit
  11. I have loads of wool and fabric at home and want to use it all up before buying new stuff
  12. Forget no. 10, I'll never be able to do that
  13. My grandmother was a dressmaker and her sister knitted a lot: it runs in the family

Have fun reading my posts and I hope you like it!