Welcome to my blog! I love sewing and knitting and will share my projects, experiences, tipps & tricks and recommendations with you on my blog. From time to time I'll also post a pattern for download. With time there might be more topics or even a small online shop here.

Facts about me

  1. I love knitting, sewing and crafting and spend most of my free time with these hobbies.
  2. I like my job, but if I would need to choose a career path again, I would choose to be a dressmaker...
  3. and then study fashion design...
  4. or even better do what I'm doing now and have 2 other jobs in parallel. #needmoretime
  5. I'm 32.
  6. I love traveling.
  7. I have loads of wool and fabric at home and want to use it all up before buying new stuff. #yeahright
  8. My grandmother was a dressmaker and her sister knitted a lot: it runs in the family.